Video Game Development UPDATE!


Hello Hello!
If you are wondering where I have been… I needed some time away from streaming and music and game development. On top of that I had a few shows and broke my toe over the holidays. That being said. I am back to my regularly scheduled amount of craziness.

I have been working on my video game “ReWire” and it’s coming along quite well. It was originally going to be a side-scroller game, however, after some early first impressions from close friends I decided the game will likely have a more successful life-cycle as a third person game.

So I essentially am starting from scratch for a number of reasons.
First, Substance before Beauty. As i was building out the first level I realized pretty early on that I was going to continue to face new issues as I did not have systems implemented yet and adding them as I went, which should be fine as it’s bound to happen. But the basic’s should be in place first before I begin making things look pretty.

Secondly, My original inventory and interaction system was pretty robust and complex… after doing some more thought I landed on a more traditional / basic inventory and interaction system. This will help with a number of things but most importantly will keep things simple, which is my intent from the beginning for this project.

Third… The story/location has evolved and changed. and the first level that I was working on isn’t the direction now.

So with those 3 things I decided it would be best to start from scratch and build my systems and gameplay elements first. Make the gameplay fun… then build the levels out around the gameplay.

Currently in the game (systems wise) are the following:

  • Basic Player movement

  • Inventory System (stackable inventory)

  • Quest/Mission System (Locations, Items and Enemies objective types)

  • Spline based Zipline System (one of the methods of transportation around the world)

  • Basic HUD/User Interface/Widgets

I am in the very early days of the development and I am still learning a lot as I am going but I am really excited for this project and to see it take shape is extremely satisfying.

More updates to come soon!

Early Development test/when the game was originally a SideScroller.

Early Development test/when the game was originally a SideScroller.