New Website. New Music.

Hello World.  This is my first blog post for my new website and my first post about new music.  I have been hard at work on a lot of projects, Including doing background vocals for the amazing Christopher Norman, film scores for the incredible Ayz Waraich and creating visuals for Incorrect Music. 

I took some time off from my own personal music projects to.... find myself in what has become a cluttered EDM mess on the radio.  I was writing a LOT of ideas, but they were all trying to sound like someone else. So I trashed them and moved on.  I am now at a place where I am going to create music that I want to create without trying to sound "commercial" or "marketable" and hope that it becomes both of those things organically. Which I assume is every artists dream.   

At any rate. More to come soon! :) 


Casey 3pm Clark

Casey 3pm Clark

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