3PM Music Update!


Sorry for not keeping up with these blog posts, Time just gets away from me it seems. 

I wanted to provide you all with a quick update regarding music.  I have now completed my first few TWITCH SESSIONS streams and have the bones of the first 3 songs established.  I am hoping to get one or two more before I go into full "Production" mode.  

Full production mode consists of fleshing out the idea and arranging the song from start to finish using the first ideas that we recorded on stream together. 

For this first batch, The songs will be available for every Twitch Subscriber to use with a creative commons license. Which means you can use the music in your own streams, vlogs, videos, games, movies etc..etc... I would just need to be credited as the person who wrote the music.  But it's royalty free so I do not expect or require any kind of kickback or royalties from it. 

For non-subscribers, the music will be available to listen to and to purchase if you wish on all major digital media platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play etc...)

My goal is to have the first TWITCH SESSIONS EP released by the end of Q1 2018. I will begin work starting in March on EP2 with getting more song ideas recorded and then flesh them out for release in Q2 etc..etc..  And hopefully by the end of 2018 I will have 4 EP's released containing of different styles, genres, moods, some with vocals, some without.  

An as stated above, all subscribers to my Twitch or Patreon will receive THE TWITCH SESSIONS (EPs) free of charge in lossless quality to use under a creative commons license. 

Non subscribers can still support the music by streaming/purchasing it however a creative commons license will not be provided for non subscribers. 

Love you all!