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Update Notes! 

Thank you for your support and downloading this mod and for your comments and feedback. 

My plan is to update this mod on a regular basis. 
If you would like to be part of the Mars Radio One parody commercials, drop me a follow and subscribe to me on Twitch!

Updates will contain music created during the TWITCH SESSIONS every week on my channel, where I write and record new music with chat.  These song will also be available for download for all subscribers as part of your subscription benefit. 

I am working to bring this mod to the Cities Skylines community as well! More on this once I figure out how much work it’s going to take.

MARS RADIO ONE - v1.1 Change Log

Update will be live tonight and will update automatically if you are subscribed to the mod. 

  • Fixed Steam Mod Thumbnail to work correctly
  • Added 14 new songs
  • Added 10 new parody commercials
  • Added 3 new skits
  • Updated Several Songs that were too quiet, and a couple that were a bit too loud.
  • Added new “Mysteries” (listen closely for the clues)

What other content would you like to see brought to SURVIVING MARS? I am working on a few ideas for mods to further immerse you in the Mars experience.