Better to be prepared... Just in case.

Things might be happening. I'm confident I can make this a real thing.

 For a video game, the the primary skills you need are: 

Level Design

Graphic Design

Music composer

Audio design  

and of course Programming abilities. 

 Well I have experience in all of the above, aside from one. 


ive been teaching myself the UNREAL ENGINE after trying Lumberyard, unity, game maker, etc...etc... All of those engines while amazing, just didn't speak to me as a creative person. They were clearly designed by programmers for programmers. After I learned a little about the possibilities of visual scripting in Unreal I decide to dive in. To be fair I have Lumberyard a try first however it's still in beta and quite a complicated animal. 

Currently I'm in blueprint and testing of things but holy shit I actually have something in the course of a week that is functional on a very basic level. 

 I'm streaming my entire experience and process on line.  I am determined to create a small suit of programs for streamers to launch and play games via twitch with their viewers. 

I am using all open source or Free programs with the exception of my audio programs.  

i am dead set focused on being a unique streamer and content creation bringing free tools and resources to those that maybe don't have the vast skill set. 


Im starting small... Just a smidge I would say. ;)


let's see what happens. 

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