January Update!


So, a quick update on channel things. 
First I have added the new AVATARS to the stream overlays for subscribers. They are a great way to make your avatars, customize them and see the visuals on screen.  You earn 2 Space Bucks for every 2 minutes you are in the chat. Items and Avatars cost anywhere between 10 - 5000 bucks. 

Secondly, I am getting hyped to be featured on the Front Page of Twitch! You can catch me on 1/31 at 7PM EST - 9PM EST. I will be streaming before the feature time and after that, likely going late. 

Third, Pardon the technical glitches the past week as I have recently made some upgrades to my hardware and I had to perform a system restore and lost everything and I am still working out the issues but things appear to have been relatively solved, at least for now. 

Fourth, Loot Boxes are unfortunately on hold until I land my next Dj residency so I can afford to contribute to the loot boxes.  The unexpected closing of the club i have been a resident DJ at for the past 5 years has impacted my disposable income.  

Lastly, Thank you to all of you for your continued support. <3