Changes Coming Soon!


I just wanted to take a quick moment to give you an update on some exciting changes coming to the channel over the next couple of weeks!  Let me know your thoughts/ideas/suggestions to help improve your viewing experience and the channel even more!

You get MORE OF ME! Every Week! Here’s the new schedule: (all times are EST)
Monday – 7pm - 11
Tuesday – day off
Wednesday – 7pm – 11
Thursday – day off
Friday – 8pm – Late Night
Saturday – 1PM – 6PM
Sunday – 10AM - TBD  

11/22 – Planet Coaster Update 1.4 – 6 PM EST – Late Night + Cocktails Stream! 
+ I will be giving away copies of Planet Coaster during the stream!

I am sure you have already seen a few of the changes.
-  I have implemented a new overlay in the channel (minimal design, feels less chaotic)
-  Discord Channel cleanup / organization…. These were a MESS. Now they are a bit more organized.
-  Updating/Organizing the twitch panel layout.

New Twitch related things:
Easy way to subscribe with Twitch’s new landing page:
Extensions are here (Currently not supported on mobile devices, I have chosen to only use extensions for cosmetic/informational purposes until they can be used on all devices)

Change Log:
NEW Subscriber Benefits
NEW MOD benefits
NEW Follower benefits
NEW Subscriber Loot Boxes
NEW Subscriber Jackpot trigger
NEW Commands for Subscribers, MODs and Followers
NEW 3pmusic Space Coin Store (
NEW Channel Game (!Storytime currently beta testing it)
Discord organization
AFK Discord voice channel
All Space Coins Reset to 0 (11/1/17)
Prior Twitch Overlay
Follower Benefit: (SFX triggers)
AFK text discord channel