Greetings Followers! 

Here is where you can find some of the cool details regarding your benefits as a follower to my channel! 

1. Follower Benefits -

- Monthly Free 3PM song download (Link will be available via !freesong)
- Channel Currency

1 Space Coin is earned for every minute spent in the chat during a stream.  These coins can be used for things like: Song requests, item redemptions, in channel games, giveaways and more!
(All Space Coin balances were reset on 11/1/17 due to bot technical issues)

- 3pmusic Channel Store
It’s coming Back! And it will be better than ever! Use your Space Coins for real items either digital or physical! 3PMUSIC SPACE COIN STORE will be live soon and contain all the items available and how many Space Coins they cost.  You will be able to redeem these in channel by using the following command:
!redeem [item]
Once this command is issued and you have the necessary amount of coins, 3pmbot will then deduct the value of the redeemed item from your balance and your order will be saved into a database where I can keep track of what orders need to be filled. Some items may require additional information.

2. Follower Commands

!top10 - see the leaderboard
!gamble [amount] – take the risk and maybe bask in the reward!
!redalert [amount] trigger a game in chat
!boss fight a virtual boss
!whatgame – what game is 3pmusic playing?
!mygame – see what random game you might create using 3pmbot’s FUTUREVIZION App!
!ai – interestingly artificial and intelligent topics/discussions/conversation starters
!store – displays a link to the 3pmusic Space Coin store (external site).
!redeem [item] – redeem space coins for an item on the !store.

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