Hayo Subscribers and Resubscribers!! 

2. Subscriber Benefits –
All current/new and re-subscribers will get the following NEW benefits in the channel:

- Customer Command for the channel. What command would you like? What would you like it to do?
- Sound FX – You get to trigger the channel soundFX use !sfx to see what is available!
- Private SUBSCRIBER ONLY Discord Channel (use !discord to get access if you haven’t already)
- 2x Space Coins as a Subscriber
Subscribers will be able to use the command !jackpot to activate the on-stream JACKPOT slot machine for a chance to trigger a giveaway in the channel! Note that All viewers in the channel are eligible to enter and win the giveaway if it is activated, however, only twitch subscribers can trigger the jackpot wheel!  Use this to energize the chat or make it even more interesting with the !bet command and place bets if you think the wheel will hit the jackpot or not.
(This will have a global cooldown of 60 minutes per user)

They are mystery boxes which will either be delivered virtually to you or physically if you are comfortable providing your mailing address. These mystery boxes and their contents will contain different items from me, to you personally since you continue to support me and the channel. It’s my way of saying thank you and giving you something in return on top of my super great streams.  

  • Tier One – 3 months consecutive
  • Tier Two – 6 months consecutive
  • Tier Three – 12 months consecutive
  • Tier Four – 18 Months consecutive  
  • if we ever get anyone to tier four… I will implement a tier 5+!